About Nicole

Nicole C Weiss


About Nicole C Weiss

In my 20’s I was an idealist who focused on what was considered right and expected by others instead of what was authentically ME. I worked as a middle school counselor where I absolutely loved the part of my job that was guiding and directing students but didn’t care much for the part that was responsible for managing pep rallies and talent shows.

At about the same time I realized that I wasn’t happy with my current career choice, it also became clear that happiness was lacking in other areas of my life. The relationship that I was in at the time wasn’t working because we didn’t suit one another and it was beginning to cause tension. We were on a path to nowhere happy and I knew it was time to make some changes.

I changed my ideals and began to focus on what truly made me feel satisfied and happy. I patterned a job around my best skills and committed to working with the people I was best suited to help. I found a relationship that suited me, got married and started a family.

After working and studying in both Japan and Costa Rica and travelling to other countries, I studied yoga for a short time in India, and continue a weekly yoga practice to this day. This wide variety of life experiences has helped me be able to work with a wide array of personalities and see the world from other perspectives.

And that, is how my practice began.

Today, I focus on helping others to “Think Possible, Not Positive™”. I want to motivate people who are ready to make radical changes to their lives.

I want you to know that you can start right NOW, no matter what. You don’t need to feel positive to begin working on what is possible. I start where YOU are, and rather than having my own agenda for your life, we work to identify and actualize what will truly make you feel fulfilled. We begin by getting you out of “black and white” thinking that too many people get caught up in. Instead, I help you to “think gray,” meaning you will learn to focus not on someone else’s version of who or what you should be, but instead on what YOU really want in your life.

If you’re ready to get started, so am I!