Whole Life Coaching

What is Whole Life Coaching?

There are three key areas of life where people tend to struggle: Self, Relationships, and Career. And, more often than not, challenges in one area can affect the other two.

Whole Life Coaching is for you if you don’t feel you need therapy, or have been to therapy and it helped but you still need guidance to reach your goals or improve your quality of life. With both remote and in-person options, this coaching puts a better life within your reach.

It’s time to “Think possible, not positive™”

This approach allows you to begin right where you are, not from a mindset that is perfect or even positive (yet) and not where someone else thinks you should be. It will guide you to the path that is truly and authentically yours, helping you to create a happier balance in all areas of your life.

Step-by-step you will move from your old, black and white thinking to examining the gray areas of your life so you no longer feel overwhelmed and can navigate more peacefully through your challenges while building on your strengths.

Keeping in mind that every snag in your personality has a counter point with some value, you will learn that it is simply a matter of figuring out how to stop the parts that won’t or don’t work and build up the parts that do.

In this program you will:

  • Discover your strengths and how building a life around them will fulfill you in ways you never thought possible
  • Realize your true potential and the critical step of how to tap into that potential and apply it to the areas of your life that need it
  • Find the path to happiness in your life and how to take the first steps towards it

This program is what I consider a step beyond therapy. It is a next level approach that will help you qualitatively improve your well being.

You want every part of your life to be functional.

Working in a dynamic way with people to help them align with their true selves and then work hard to build a life that reflects that self is not only exciting but gratifying. It is not easy, but it is doable and watching someone learn to show up for themselves and accomplish goals that previously, they considered impossible is priceless.

How does coaching work?

First, we begin with a brief Discovery Session where we ask one another questions and determine if we are a good fit to work together.

If we choose to move forward together, we can begin a coaching program which typically includes a weekly in-person session or a virtual call via Zoom. This platform allows us to use the video camera which offers a more intimate, face-to-face session which you can record and refer back to later if you’d like.

If you are ready for coaching to begin, please contact me using the form below.


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