Group Coaching

Do you need one-on-one coaching but learn better in a group setting?

I began offering Online Group Coaching after I realized that many people need to get together a couple times a month in order to keep themselves accountable to others and me. This is a great way to invest in yourself and make change happen quickly.

The power in numbers is extremely potent. As a natural by product, you will also network and connect with others who are invested in enhancing their own lives and you will find that others in the group can often relate to your challenges and offer resources, referrals, and insight in addition to connecting with me.

Some people attend groups and meet with me one on one in the interim. Others solely attend groups. The choice is open for whatever is right for you.

In each accountability group you have access to me between calls via a private Facebook page. You will also utilize this page to engage with other members of the group for questions, support, etc.

I offer group whole life virtual coaching with limited spots available. For more information, click here and email me with the subject line: Group Coaching Information:

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