Life Coaching

If you are searching for a full and authentic life that makes you happy, I can help.

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If you’ve found my site, it’s pretty clear you’re looking for some help; but sometimes, it can be hard to know exactly what kind of help you need. It can be confusing trying to understand the difference between coaching and therapy and which is right for you.

This is a question that many face when it comes to finding the right path to making things better. The first step to finding out which is the best fit for your needs is to better understand what each consists of.

Typically, you need Therapy if the challenges you’re facing are linked to depression, anxiety, or addiction, you need help dealing with issues stemming from your childhood, or you are seeking advice on dealing with grief after the death of a loved one or even a divorce.

Coaching on the other hand, provides guidance on how to set and attain goals in both your personal and professional life, creating work/life balance, improving communication in your existing relationships, or how to find the right person to build a relationship with.

If you think coaching is the path for you, I offer both individual and group programs to help you meet your goals. Scroll down to learn more.

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Whole Life Coaching


This is for you if you are looking to improve all of the key elements in your life. If your goal is to focus on a better self, better relationships, and a better career, you’re in the right place.

Private Whole Life Coaching is centered on the “Think Possible, Not Positive™” approach. This allows you to begin exactly where you are, not where someone else thinks you should be. Through this step-by-step approach you will find the path that is truly and authentically yours, often moving from black and white thinking toward examining the gray areas. In doing that, you will uncover the goals and ideals that will truly be fulfilling for your life.

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If you’re looking for Relationship Coaching it’s probably for one of two reasons. Either you are looking for Mr. or Mrs. right and are tired of searching only to keep hitting a dead end, or, you’re in a relationship already that just never seems to work no matter what you do and you are wondering, “how do we actually make our relationship better?”

In either case, Private Relationship Coaching can be the answer. But first, it is important to understand what Relationship Coaching is and is not.

This is not couples coaching where we all meet together and work through relationship issues. This is individual coaching. It is coaching that will help you become a stronger participant in all the relationships you are a part of.

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Relationship Seeking Coaching
Group Coaching


Looking for help but don’t feel therapy or one-on-one coaching is right for you? Whether you are struggling just with relationships or with many areas of life, sometimes it’s best to work within a group of others who are facing the same challenges. That’s where Group Coaching comes in.

Group Coaching is right for you if you are limited on time, would prefer to attend sessions online rather than in-person, are looking for a more affordable option to one-on-one coaching, and work well within a group setting.

Each session will be led by me and you will gain new insight both from what I teach as well as what the other members of the group share. With the additional support via the Facebook group, this is the perfect program for you if you are looking for an extended program that goes beyond a one-on-one weekly session.

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