Good is Good

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A client made this for me after a recent session. She was describing how work and life were going well but, you know, everything could be better. So I replied to her good is good.

That’s, of course not the whole story. We can always be better. And I think that we should be working on things being better. But in the meantime why can’t we enjoy good? Good is still good even before it’s excellent.

It’s okay to do a good job reaching out to someone, have a good run or a good yoga class, cook a good meal, have a good gathering of people, do a good job cleaning your house. They say most of life is just showing up. I think they say that because it’s usually good enough to show up and do your best.

What’s the alternative? The alternative is to wait for yourself to be perfect to connect with others, wait for the perfect friends or family (because you know good is not enough) wait for your home or yourself to be perfect before anyone can see them, wait for the perfect job or for your application to whatever you want to do to be perfect and then never do anything at all. Now that would not be good.

Today good is good. Enjoy it.





Nicole C Weiss LCSW

Nicole WeissGood is Good

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