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Lately I have been struggling with a bit of grumpiness.

It’s not out of control but it sits there under the surface, tugging at me. You know…just a low level crankiness.  And with that crankiness I find that lately I am noticing everything that I DON’T LIKE.

The things I am noticing are real and valid. If I shared my thoughts with you, you would probably agree.

Then today it started to break a little. The first feeling that shone through was gratitude. How freaking cliche, right?

But it was like drinking a cold glass of water after too many diet cokes. And it was exactly what I needed.


Then I noticed that once I started feeling grateful about one thing, I couldn’t help but feel grateful about another…and then another.

When I am grateful it is much harder to be grumpy.

I know it is obvious but for me, today it was a bit of a surprise.



Nicole C Weiss LCSW


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