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I follow a lot of business blogs and although I enjoy them, I see a nonstop necessity to go at full speed. In reality, in my work as a therapist and coach who mostly focuses on emotions, I realize that we are often limited by things that happen in our daily lives.

Most of the time there is pressure to get things ‘done’. That’s fine if we can actually do them but sometimes life happens. We get into fights with our spouses, we worry about our kids or the health of our parents. Sometimes we anxiously wait for the results of lab tests.  Still we are expected to work with the same speed as normal, despite feeling like life is falling apart around us.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pass the baton?

Truth be told, life should be able to coincide with work. And many times it does but what happens when it doesn’t?
Here are some of my best suggestions:

  • Pass the baton by seeking out professional help or a good friend to change your perspective.
  • Don’t bring up hot button issues during times of particularly stressful periods or when deadlines loom.
  • Don’t call people you may argue with on the way to work or before an important call.
  • Have a weekly routine. Go to bed at a reasonable time, limit alcohol, exercise regularly so that you stay centered.
  • If you feel angry or upset about something table it until Friday. Make a date with whoever it is and speak to them when – and only when – you have the mental energy to deal with it.

Does that sound reasonable? I think so. But what if the shit hits the fan anyway?

Then you pace yourself. Up your self-care. Pour some good, strong coffee (lord knows you probably didn’t sleep well), light a candle, try aromatherapy, put on your best work outfit, comb your hair, apply your favorite lotion. Treat yourself like you would a vulnerable child and then gently encourage yourself to go.

And here is the biggest challenge. Try and see work as a form of meditation. In the midst of deep-seated anxiety, work can be a way to take a vacation from your own suffering and pain. Try your best to focus and when you can’t, take a break, go to the bathroom, breathe deeply and refocus.

The beauty of this is that it often softens the pain and gives you better perspective.

Then you can go home and work things out.


PS: If problems persist I am happy to consult with you about how to best resolve your issues.



Nicole C Weiss LCSW

Nicole WeissLife and Work

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