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You will be okay again – the art of getting back up

The last couple years I have been suckered punched. I have also learned to get up after being sucker punched. In between those knock outs I have experienced a full and wonderful life.

I am thinking that at some point it is time to accept that life is a high contact sport. Our jobs are to get good at getting back up and getting back in the game as soon as possible. Most importantly when the game is going well, we need to drop in and feel the momentum, beauty and magic of life. It is there all around us. Sure, things will shift, there will be challenges and work to do once more. But if for now you are okay, then you are okay. if for now you are not okay, you will be okay again.  

Another way to handle it?  Create and participate in community.  The best ways I can see to get back in the game as soon as possible are to lean in and share with those you trust when you have been knocked down. And if you are the one receiving a message from a friend or loved one, make it your job to let whoever is down know that they will get back up. We can’t do this game of life alone.

No year is going to be without difficulty. No year is without infinite possibility also. Here we go 2017. The year of infinite possibility and guaranteed struggle.



Nicole C Weiss LCSW

Nicole WeissNew Year

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