How Much Do You Need to See Your Therapist or Coach?

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Many times a client will tell me…

“I think I just need to just check in and NOT have regular scheduled sessions. Is that okay?”

Here is my answer:

Hell yes, it is okay.

Except when it’s not. Let me explain.

It is NOT okay to randomly book appointments with a therapist or coach if you are calling only when you go are in a serious crisis, such as when you once again realize you have a severe addiction problem or are severely depressed or are feeling suicidal. Then you come in and create a plan to address the issues, only to drop the plan and go back to the behaviors that got you there.

That won’t work.

If your issues are real and serious, then it will require that you seek regular treatment so you can be monitored until you are stable. You are worth this commitment. Please care for yourself enough to keep yourself safe. Invest in the time it takes to get stable. It feels so much better.

So when is it okay?

Let say that you have done the work and are feeling relatively stable. You are cruising along and things are going well and then BAM. You hit a roadblock. Maybe something derails you– you know, like when you have a big fight with a loved one, or experience difficulty at work or when someone says something that throws you back 10 rungs on the ladder.  You may feel a little down, your head may be swirling with questions and you just want to “pick” someone’s brain.  This is a totally appropriate and healthy time to have a check in.

I love the clients that come in to see me every 4, 6 or 8 weeks because they want to keep a connection that they can access intermittently or as needed because it’s clear they don’t need weekly sessions. For me, working with clients is about creating independence and interdependence. Meaning, helping someone to be as independent as possible while understanding that we are all interdependent (and sometimes we all need a tune up!)

It’s okay to invest and spend time and effort to focus on a troubling issue.  It’s also okay to graduate to check-ins.  You are in charge here, and I bet if you take a minute to just check in with yourself, chances are you will know exactly what you need.



Nicole C Weiss LCSW

Nicole WeissHow Much Do You Need to See Your Therapist or Coach?

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