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When I came up with the term to think possible, it was in response to years of thinking that to be successful you had to be close to perfect. As I dismantled my own belief that one had to be excellent in every way to be excellent in some ways I realized that many of the people that came in to see me felt the same way. If I am not almost perfect in all ways I can’t be amazing in any one way? Who taught us this? Was it school who taught us that if we are not exceptional in math and reading and public speaking then we wouldn’t be successful? Home? Does it matter at this point who taught us? (The short answer is no, it does not matter where it came from, it just needs to change)

What I have noticed over the years of working with thousands of people is that people can and are successful in one or two and if they are lucky 3 ways and often NOT successful in many other ways. Why is this important to note? It is important because the thoughts that you can’t do anything until you get yourself entirely together, hold people back from doing the thing that they were gifted to do. It puts us into black and white thinking. When we think in black and white/good and bad we hold ourselves back because growth is messy and gray and never perfect and clean. What I have noticed in studying successful people and working with successful people is that they know this well. They know that they are good in one or two or maybe 3 areas and other areas aren’t so great. They may be bothered by it but it does not stop them from going for it. They spend their energy on what works and worry less about what doesn’t.

The think possible formula helped me give a tool to people to get out of black and white thinking. It is possible that you can start a business and know nothing about math. Yes, you may have to learn and hire accountants. But you can do it. You can do a lot of things while being not so good at other things. It is possible.

So tell me how are you holding yourself back with black and white thinking? What is that thing that you know you can do but say you can’t because of another flaw you think you have? Who could help you with that flaw? How can you take the first step? What is possible for you? Let’s get started.





Nicole C Weiss LCSW

Nicole WeissThink Possible!

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