We Can Walk Through It

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This morning when I woke up the sun hit my face in a way that made me feel happy, glad to be alive. It’s not because I slept well. I woke up halfway through the night thinking for too long before I fell back asleep. And today is full and with no breaks. But still I feel good.

Which is surprising, since the end of last week and the beginning of last week brought with it loads of pain. Pain that caused sleeplessness and cold sores and each day seemed to be peppered with new icky, painful news.

When a client has pain, when I have pain my motto is stand up and face it. It is here. We can’t cower in its presence as if it is some bully that is going to overtake us. We must stand toe to toe with it, with our head up and stare straight back at it. Feeling pain doesn’t kill humans. We wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t faced and triumphed over considerable pain in past generations.

We can walk through it.

But when we wake up and the pain is gone, even momentarily we can’t go chasing it. We must revel in the break, the sun and the beauty of life. I would even say that it is not necessary to ask why the pain is gone. It is gone. Staying in the pain is not our duty anymore than running from it is our only choice. When it’s gone we can breath deeply for a while, go fluidly through our day. We can connect back to everything loving and wonderful and delicious. It was there all along. Thankfully after going through the tunnels of pain and worry the sounds, smells and sights are even more vibrant and captivating.

Breath it in. It it yours.







Nicole C Weiss LCSW

Nicole WeissWe Can Walk Through It

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