Perfect is the Enemy of Done

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What thing in your life are you NOT doing because it won’t be done perfectly?

This issue might just be one of the MOST common themes I encounter in my practice.

I often push back and ask, Just what is so great about perfect? Or, is perfect a standard you are setting to act as a defense against getting things done?


Here is what I see people being perfectionistic about:

  • I want the perfect mate (so I am with no one)
  • I want launch of my business but I have to get everything ready perfectly (so she doesn’t launch)
  • I will have a party when my house looks….you know, perfect. (so the party never happens)
  • I will START dating when I lose more weight, get a better job (so dating doesn’t happen)


When I witness people who get stuff done, I notice the exact opposite approach.  People who get things done:

  • Are open to finding someone they adore yet they can clearly see is imperfect
  • Are willing to launch a business, write a book, paint a painting or make music that is good enough and getting better
  • Are accepting of where they are in life and invite those that they love into their spaces (knowing that nothing will ever be perfect)
  • Are aware of their own imperfections yet they date with the idea that someone MAY love them just the way that they are

Take a moment to look at the ways in which you might struggle with the idea of perfection. Can you gently nudge yourself toward movement over perfect?



Nicole C Weiss LCSW

Nicole WeissPerfect is the Enemy of Done

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