Get Used to People Liking YOU for YOU (and if they don’t let ‘em go)

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Do you struggle with intimacy?

Do you wonder if someone is nuts because they seem to actually like YOU?

Do you find yourself in relationships where you feel undervalued?

For many of us, one of the biggest hurdles in keeping a true and lasting connection is simply getting used to the feeling of being appreciated and liked. Another hurdle is letting people go who don’t see your value.  This goes for friendships as well as romantic relationships.

I remember awhile back wanting to be friends with someone because she was fun, lively and seemed liked “the” person to be around. Trouble was that she was flaky, not always interested and basically didn’t feel the same. Realizing that sucked initially, but I wasted no further time trying to get someone to like me.  I moved on.  Whew!

If you struggle with intimacy and a great person truly likes you, you may struggle with that for a while. Being loved and adored may not be in your comfort zone.

If you struggle with intimacy and someone doesn’t like you, you may be drawn to stay around that person no matter what.

So, what to do?

Look for the magic.

The magic is when someone likes you and then you like them back.   Pay attention to those around you.  What you may notice is that there is someone to your right or left that you are drawn to AND who wants to be friends with YOU. That is where you put your energy.

Find your challenges at work, in play or on the field. Let your relationships be with people who genuinely care about you and want to be around you.

This is the recipe for a magic life created by you.



Nicole C Weiss LCSW

Nicole WeissGet Used to People Liking YOU for YOU (and if they don’t let ‘em go)

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